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Klicka här för väderprognos Gotland

Bild: Britt Kiderud


Travel to Gotland by ferry or by air.

By Ferry
Gotland is accessed by comfortable car ferries from Oskarshamn and Nynäshamn on the east coast of Sweden. The ferries operate throughout the year.

The ferry trip to Gotland takes around 3 hours. The ferries have restaurants and coffee shops and you can choose between travelling in comfortable seats in the lounge or booking a private cabin. The ferries accept cars, motor homes and caravans, and pets are welcome in specified areas.

By Air
Flights to Visby airport on Gotland depart throughout the year from Stockholm (Arlanda and Bromma airports), Gothenburg and Malmö. Flying from Stockholm to Visby only takes around 30 minutes and is a convenient alternative for those who want to minimise travel time. During the summer season, the number of departures are significantly increased and additional direct flights are also available from cities like Helsinki and Oslo.

Travelling around Gotland
Regardless of whether you choose to take the ferry or a flight, or if you arrive as part of a cruise, the medieval town of Visby will be the first sight to greet you. The ferry terminal is located within walking distance of the city centre and the airport is located just a couple of kilometres from the town. There are several taxi companies operating on the island and during the summer season there is also a bus service from the airport to the town centre.

On Gotland everything is close at hand. Driving from Visby to Fårö in the very north or Storsudret in the very south of the island takes about 1.5 hours. Car hire is available both at the airport and the port and having your own car, or a bike for shorter trips, is the easiest way to get around if you want to see as much of the island as possible. There is also a bus service to many places on the island.

If you don't plan to move far from the medieval walls of Visby, walking power on its own is all you require. Pretty much everything is within walking distance in the town.

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