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Enjoying good food is a great part of any holiday and on Gotland you'll be given every opportunity to satisfy your culinary desires.

There is everything from small cosy cafés to fine dining restaurants. If you prefer preparing your food yourself, we highly recommend a visit to one of the many farm shops on the island, where you can buy high quality produce and other home-made products directly from the farmers.

Visby has a multitude of restaurants, most of which are open throughout the year. The countryside does not lack great places to eat either, especially during the summer season.

Try something genuinely Gotlandic!

Sand leek

Sand leek (kajp) and wild garlic (ramslök) - two types of onion that grow in the wild on Gotland. You'll often see them on restaurant menus in the form of soups or herb butter, especially in spring and early summer.


Asparagus - Gotland produces some of the best of this spring seasonal vegetable.


Lamb - Gotland is known for its great meat in general and its delicious lamb in particular.


Truffles - in autumn, the Gotland truffle is gathered and used as an ingredient for pasta dishes, salt, butter and cheese.

Saffron pancake

Saffron pancake - a typical Gotland dessert served with cream and dewberry jam.

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