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There is always something happening on Gotland ? throughout the year! Some of the biggest events of the year on Gotland are listed below

The Easter Parade in Visby

Easter Parade
The Easter Parade in Visby on Maundy Thursday is an ancient tradition attended by several thousand participants in a genuine coming together of people of all ages. Dressed up as everything from Easter witches to Easter bunnies, the participants parade through the streets of Visby. Sweets and eggs await the walkers at the end of the parade.

Open studios Gotland

Open Studios
A unique art experience held in the early summer each year. In almost every parish, one weekend is set aside during May-June for artists to open up their studios and allow the public to view their art, participate in discussions about art or buy pieces directly from the artists in what is one of the largest exhibitions in Sweden.

Island Games

Island Games 2017
From the 24th to the 30th of June Gotland hosts the NatWest Island Games, Europe’s largest multi-sport event. The games are held biannually on one of the world’s islands, and gather together approximately 2500 active participants who compete in 14 different sports. Over the course of the week Gotland plays host to a wide range of sports events including basketball, cycling, golf, football, athletics and beach volleyball.


The Bergman Week
The Bergman Week, held in June, is a 6-day celebration of Ingmar Bergman's artistry. It features films, guests, seminars and guided tours to film shooting locations on Fårö.


The Almedal Week
The Almedal Week is held in the 27th week of each year and is the biggest "political" festival in Sweden. All the political parties attend the event, as do a large number of other organisations, companies and journalists. If you're travelling to Visby during that week you can expect it to be pretty crowded!

Crimetime Gotland

Crimetime Gotland

Gotland is a popular location for crime writers to set the plots of their novels. For a number of years now the island has also been the scene of Sweden’s largest crime fiction festival, Crimetime Gotland, which is held in August each year. Around 50 crime authors from Sweden and across the world gather here to meet their readers. A large number of the book readings at the festival are presented in English.

Medieval Week, Gotland

Medieval Week
In the 32nd week of each year, modern life on Gotland has to step aside and make way for medieval reminiscence, as jokers and peasants, knights and beautiful maidens, Franciscan monks and musicians all come together for one grand medieval festival.

Gotland Art Week

Gotland Art Week
Art and culture are centre stage on Gotland in week 34. If you appreciate art, literature, theatre and music, this is the perfect time of year to visit Gotland. Typically the week includes everything from Art Safaris and music to presentations and Sweden’s longest exhibition preview.

The Visby Day

The Visby Day, featuring A Night of Culture
On the first Saturday of October each year, the modern world heritage site of Visby is celebrated with markets, shopping, exhibitions, guided walks and fantastic food. As night falls, the Visby Day turns into A Night of Culture with film screenings, music and dance performances at various locations around the town.

Gotland Grand National

Gotland Grand National
The Gotland Grand National, the world's largest Enduro motorbike race, is held at the end of October. The race is held at the Tofta firing range, where professionals and amateurs from Sweden and abroad take on the challenge of completing the often wet and muddy course on their motorbikes.

The Gotland Truffle Festival
A full November weekend dedicated to Gotlandic truffles! The festival offers seminars on truffles, a truffle market, a truffle ceremony and truffles in many different dishes. In order to create as great a diversity as possible in the truffle dishes, many different chefs at restaurants with different specialities offer truffle-after-work or truffle menus.

Christmas on Gotland

Christmas on Gotland
Gotland has much to offer those who want to do their Christmas shopping, enjoy a Swedish Christmas smorgasbord or just stroll around cosy Christmas markets enjoying the festive atmosphere. Christmas celebrations on Gotland start at the end of November.

In December a weekend is given over to Medieval Christmas, a kind of Medieval Week in miniature, with concerts, jousting, fire shows, good food and a cosy atmosphere in the picturesque medieval town of Visby.

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